Mobile is Hot this Summer: Equip Modern Workers with Mobile Document Management Tools for Success
Agile, digital businesses thrive with a flexible, mobile workforce and embrace the anytime, anywhere, any-device model of productivity. Work now happens outside the walls of a traditional office. Modern mobile technology experiences in the workplace are key to keeping the learning worker, one who can adapt with a changing workplace environment.

Implementing a mobile document management system is no longer a technology trend but rather an integral aspect of business. For example, it enables employees to:...
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Industry Stories
DocuWare Cloud Adopted by Major Telecommunications Contractor
Total Environmental & Power Systems, Inc. embraced DocuWare Cloud to modernize its invoice approval process. Previously, the company processed all their invoices via paper even though 90% of them were received digitally. It was also difficult to provide digital copies to...
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Persuasion Points: Tips to Convince a Tough Crowd
Here are a few persuasion techniques to employ next time you’re in front of a tough crowd. Establish expertise. When it comes to making important decisions or forming opinions, most people turn to experts for guidance. This means that when you’re trying to convince...
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Leasing vs. Buying: What’s the Best Choice for Your Business?
Benefits of Leasing: With leasing, there is no capital expenditure required, and it’s the more affordable option on a monthly basis. Smaller upfront costs means you have more cash to invest back into your business. Your leased equipment is also a tax-deductible expense....
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Hot Products
DocuWare Mobile
With DocuWare Mobile, you always keep business moving forward - even while traveling. Access your workflow tasks and all your stored documents from anywhere, at any time. Digital workflow tasks are clearly displayed on the smartphone so they can be handled directly on ...
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DocuWare Kinetic Solutions
Preconfigured, Cloud-Based Solution
Unlock your potential with a DocuWare Kinetic Solution. Unburden employees from tiring chores to focus on more high value activities. The first preconfigured, cloud-based solution of this type targets “Invoice Processing”.  It comes with ready-to-use ...
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Electronic File Cabinets
Paper files to digital documents
Find your documents when you need them in your custom electronic file cabinet - in the cloud, a local hard disk or on a USB drive. First, you need to get your paper documents scanned, indexed and stored before you can easily retrieve them. That is where Stover Imaging's ...
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June 2018
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