Go with the Flow: 4 Components to a Successful Workflow Solution

Replacing repetitive manual processes with a digital workflow system is a great way to free up your employees' time so they can focus on high-value, growth work that contributes to the profit and innovation of your organization. With a user-friendly, intuitive workflow management software in the cloud, they can also keep work moving forward – anytime, anywhere. Forward-thinking executives agree: in a recent AIIM survey, 79% of them say that business process automation is “imperative” to achieving their organization’s goals.

To empower your organization to be future-ready, there is no better time than now to implement a workflow solution. Here are 4 components of a successful workflow management solution that will go a long way with your employees, and your success:...

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Industry Stories
Construction Company Builds Strong IT Infrastructure Adding Mobility with DocuWare Cloud
On Point Custom Homes, a large custom home building company, fully embraced DocuWare Cloud to strengthen their data retention and secure information. Previously, On Point experienced a server crash losing all accounting documents. With DocuWare in place, they now have peace...
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Engineering a Successful Document Workflow with DocuWare
Faster invoice approval processes improved employee productivity
With the help of DocuWare, consulting engineering firm, American Engineering Testing Inc., located in Minnesota, automated its invoice approval processes, eliminating lost invoices and realizing cost savings from the ability to easily track documents through the approval...
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GSC Logistics Delivers Documentation Requirements Quickly with Digital Indexing
GSC Logistics, a large regional shipping company, fully embraced DocuWare to digitize its high volume of required paperwork for over 200 drivers and trucks, along with properly storing its quarterly truck inspections and registration documents. They aimed to improve their...
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Hot Products
DocuWare Forms
DocuWare Forms enables your company to convert recurring manual form filling and filing processes into a simple digital process within DocuWare. Your respondents only need to fill out one web form instead of multiple paper forms with redundant questions.  Data is ...
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Stover Imaging Takes the Pain Out of Paper Scanning
Customized scanning projects for each customer
We will scan your paper documents and return them as digital images that you can quickly retrieve from your computer. Searchable pdf images (Color or B&W), tiff images and other formats are possible with our scanning services.Call us at (989)496-9247 for ...
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Take Control of E-mail Overload
CONNECT to Outlook
A Strong Team: DocuWare and Microsoft Outlook Use CONNECT to Outlook to quickly store your email directly into DocuWare from MS Outlook. You can also easily search and access stored email to be certain you have the latest correspondence whenever you need ...
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February 2018
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