5 Benefits for Accelerating Accounting Tasks with Digital Automation Software
When your organization conducts any kind of business transaction, such as manufacturing or distributing products, it generates purchase orders, invoices, and delivery notices that must be funneled through accounting - a lot of time and money is wasted on handling a high volume of paper. Fortunately, today’s cloud office automation solutions make it possible to replace all of that paper with efficient, accelerated paperless processes that save time and money, along with eliminating human error. Here are five benefits your accounting team can achieve by implementing document automation software:

1. Saving time on document handling: An office automation solution saves an enormous amount of time by replacing each manual task with a few keystrokes or the click of a mouse. This new-found time speeds up processing and increases productivity. Your team will able to quickly monitor cash flow and redirect focus to growth-value tasks.

2. Reduced document storage and supply costs: With paperless office software, all of that costly material (paper, file cabinets, folders, etc.) is replaced with digital document storage at a fraction of the cost. The new empty physical space provides mental clarity to staff and can be remodeled into new office space....
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Industry Stories
Case Study – Workflow Software Integration Improves Accounting Processes for Growing Business
Carubba Collision, the largest auto body shop conglomerate in upstate NY, integrated DocuWare with their accounting software, QuickBooks, to optimize their accounting processes via automated digital workflows. This solution has helped them add six new locations over the...
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Kiss Burnout Goodbye
When you’ve worked on a single project for months at a time, it’s easy to lose focus and motivation. Here are some tips to help you wind down and transition back into normal work mode.   Recharge Your Batteries – Large projects can be taxing, both...
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Getting the Most Out of Managed IT
There aren’t many things quite as important to your business as the health of your IT network. So how do you know if you’re getting top-notch service and network support, or if your managed IT provider is just skating by? Ask yourself these questions....
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Hot Products
DocuWare Cloud Version 7 & DocuWare Kinetic Solutions for Invoice Processing
DocuWare Cloud Version 7 is now available. This version introduces DocuWare Kinetic Solutions: cloud-based, preconfigured workflows for common business processes. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions for Invoice Processing gives you control over every process step from invoice ...
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DocuWare REQUEST Scanning Services
Searchable, sharing and distribution of documents
Painlessly convert your paper files to pdf searchable documents using Stover Imaging's DocuWare REQUEST scanning services. Search for your documents like you do using Google, from a fielded index or keywords. Stover Imaging will scan and index your documents for you.  ...
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Professional Services
Cloud based solutions
Streamline your organization's workflow by moving toward a paperless office.  Stover Imaging's Professional Services gets you up and running quickly.  Try our DocuWare Kinetic Solutions with a free 30 day trial. Find your documents quickly similar to how you ...
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