Workflow Automation is in the Air: A Must-Have Tool to Ensure Business Growth
According to Deloitte, investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to run your organization’s business processes cannot be just another consideration but a must for survival. If you still rely on slow, manual processes, you’re holding back business growth and employee productivity. From Deloitte’s 2018 survey, State of AI in the Enterprise, the top five benefits of AI allow you to: enhance current products, optimize internal operations, make better decisions, optimize external operations, and free workers to be more creative.

How can you start your AI journey, to be future-ready and stay ahead of the competition? Cloud-based workflow automation software. To achieve the benefits of a workflow management system, it needs to be viewed as a long-term strategic business decision and not just another IT project. Control and improve every detail that matters, now and for the long run:...
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Industry Stories
Manufacturer Ensures High Quality Document Management on No-Failure Products
Criterion Tool & Die Inc. manufactures components for no-failure industries and the government mandates it retain all documents for a product’s lifetime, which resulted in thousands of paper documents over the years. Criterion embraced DocuWare to digitize 16,500...
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Sell Smarter, Not Harder
The key to 'selling smarter, not harder' is a combination of building strong relationships and looking at the sales process from your customer’s point of view. Here are tips to help you get started. Explore latent needs – Increase your sales by familiarizing...
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Why Shred? Surprising Benefits of Document Shredding
Shred to avoid penalties. Your business could be subject to financial penalties if you don’t take the proper measures to protect the personal information of your employees, clients, and vendors. Shredding (especially cross-cut shredding) is the gold standard for the...
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Hot Products
Optimize Your Key Business Processes with Digital Workflows
Establish clear rules for processing documents to optimize processes using DocuWare Workflow Manager. With a high-performance, intuitive interface you can easily create and edit simple to highly complex workflows without the need for programming.  You assign ...
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Archive Scanning Services
  Quickly find your documents when you need them. Converting your paper files to digital images is easy using Stover Imaging's scanning services. We also provide document pickup services, staple removal and document indexing. How painless is that? Search for your ...
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Professional Services
Cloud Solutions
Employee Management   Invoice Processing.   Combining modern process expertise with our zero-compromise cloud and mobile platforms to eliminate the waste of manual processes and let you refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects. email: ...
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