Fall in Love with a Customer Information Management Solution: 4 Examples of Why You Need It

Organizations rely on customer service relationship management, or CRM, solutions to manage customer relationships. But CRMs only hold specific data while other documents like correspondences and email are locked in other solutions. The complete customer journey requires that key data be available across all solutions. Introduce a cloud document management (DM) system that connects all customer data throughout your organization. Set up your customer service team for excellence. Below are 4 examples of how you can show your customers some love this February:

1. Connected, integrated data: Powerful customer data is locked up in disconnected silos. Real insights come when all customer documents are linked together—application files, PDFs, images, and emails. With a DM solution integrated with your CRM, your team can quickly access all documents about one customer. Within the CRM, they can look up documents without switching back and forth between systems. You have a system of high-quality, consistent data no matter where it’s being accessed from....

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Fencing Company Increases Employee Productivity & Profitability with Mobile Document Management Software
Century Fence is a growing family-run company that provides custom fencing and pavement marking. They wanted to reduce paper-based files; speed up workflows; ensure records were searchable and transparent; and implement a mobile solution to provide Field Superintendents...
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Protecting Your Business and Your Brand
Reputation risk is how negative publicity could potentially harm your business. Here are a few ways you can protect your brand's reputation and your business. Know what’s already out there. Take inventory of the information that’s already been published...
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Managed Print Services (MPS): What Can it Really Do for You?
#1: MPS lowers operating costs. Printing expenses account for more than just your cost-per-page. When you consider costs for hardware, ink, toner, paper, and the often-overlooked cost of employee time to maintain your devices, it becomes clear that printing expenses should...
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Task Manager
There are always going to be projects coming your way, big and small. Whether it’s an invoice approval, checking on a case file, or preparing the set of construction drawings for your manager, you need a way to smoothly handle it all so that work doesn’t pile up ...
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Archive Scanning Services
  Find your documents quickly when you need them. Reduce your paper files to digital images using Stover Imaging's scanning services. We also provide document pickup services, staple removal and indexing your documents. How painless is that? Search for your documents ...
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Professional Services
Cloud Solutions
Simplify your life in HR and refocus on the strategic programs that help employees. Every employee's records at your fingertips. DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management -  Invoice processing is also covered including a video in the following link. DocuWare ...
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