Tear Down the Silos: Connect Data Across All Enterprise Applications
A modern document management (DM) system offers great value to businesses, but companies may miss out on its true potential. If you work between system silos to find information, you’re creating inefficiencies that prevent you from accomplishing more with the technology at hand. 

When a DM platform is fully integrated into your current IT landscape, business-critical documents can be accessed from virtually any platform since they come together in an organized system that allows for fast document retrieval with a few simple mouse clicks. Sharing documents digitally helps to manage end-to-end business processes....
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Industry Stories
DocuWare Cloud Keeps Donations and Data Safe for Community Blood Center
SunCoast Blood Bank, a large nonprofit community blood center, fully embraced DocuWare Cloud to digitize and store its high volume of donor records and standard operating procedures manuals. Before implementing DocuWare, the nonprofit was using an offsite facility to store...
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When Saying Nothing is the Right Decision
Here are a few instances in business when the smartest thing to say is nothing. When you’ve just asked a question. Whether in a meeting or on a customer call, instead of leaping to answer your own question, wait to hear input from the other side. Even if they are...
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Document Management Enables Workflow Automation
Your staff searches for information, acts on it, moves it, and archives it every day. This process, with its manual searching, faxing, photocopying, and hand distribution, is costly and time-consuming. The inefficiencies of this process can prevent your employees from...
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Hot Products
Fast, Easy Document Retrieval
Leaving the application you are in to retrieve data from another is frustrating to say the least. With DocuWare Smart Connect, you never have to leave your familiar applications again when searching for information! A smart document management solution stores ...
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Stover Imaging's Professional Services
Design, Implementation & Training
Streamline your organization's workflow by moving toward a paperless office.  Stover Imaging's Professional Services gets you up and running quickly.  We will work with you to design a solution to meet your needs and provide a detailed configuration report, ...
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Stover Imaging Takes the Pain Out of Paper Scanning
Customized scanning projects to meet your needs
Leave your paper document scanning to Stover Imaging. Receive searchable pdf images (Color , B&W or a mixture of both!). Upload your digital images to your system or we can provide a system for you - either locally based or cloud. Call us at (989)496-9247 for a free ...
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