Shift Away from Paper in 2019: 6 Key Business Processes to Digitize
It’s 2019 and companies are still relying on paper-based processes which slows down employee performance and productivity. You may have heard the phrase “Go paperless”, but we suggest a realistic paper-to-digital shift approach. With a modern document management solution, you can kick off digital transformation by digitizing documents and automating key processes at a rate that works for you. Don't be bound by paper's physical limitations – employees at any office can carry out key processes. Here are 6 digitized processes to consider implementing this year:

1. Employee onboarding: An onboarding process is very paper intensive, from filling out health insurance forms to direct deposit slips and emergency contact information. Replace redundant documents with a streamlined digital form and automate data delivery to multiple departments. An employee fills out one form and is ready to hit the ground running. ...
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Industry Stories
Gourmet Grocer Automates Accounting, Improves Productivity Across All Stores
Kowalski’s Markets is an upscale gourmet market with 12 locations across the Twin Cities. As Kowalski’s Markets grew and expanded, managing paper accounting records became very difficult. They needed a digital system to automate their accounting processes and...
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Are You Really Listening?
Tips to help you become a better listener
Here are several strategies that will help sharpen your listening skills. Stay Focused. Oftentimes, people are too busy thinking about what they will say next or how the conversation will affect them that they fail to hear what’s actually being said and the...
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How Scanning Solves Business Problems
Many businesses only use scanning as an occasional supplement to business processes, when in fact document scanning can help solve business problems. Here are several practical ways scanning can improve your document processes. 1. Simplify records management. When digital...
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Hot Products
Scanning with DocuWare
Most businesses have a multifunction printer with a network port, which is used by several employees. Many of these devices can be connected via the DocuWare Upload Service: this allows you to scan an entire stack at the touch of a button with a document feeder scanner. The ...
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Professional Services
Cloud Solutions
Simplify your life in HR and refocus on the strategic programs that help employees. Every employee's records at your fingertips. DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management -  Invoice processing is also covered including a video in the following link. DocuWare ...
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Archive Scanning Services
  Document Scanning Services: No software to purchase or staples to pull anymore. We will even box your documents up for you and personally transport them to our facility. How painless is that? You will quickly find your documents from your computer.  Use a full ...
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