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Document Management Solutions 
Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Solutions - Stover Imaging has been an Authorized DocuWare Partner for over 20 years.  Let us help you become more productive and gain control over your document processes, forms, email archiving, workflow, digital mobiity and more using DocuWare Document Management Software.  

Achieve a paperless office and leave your back log document scanning to us.

Isn't it time you start accessing your information from anywhere and at anytime while making business processes faster, more mobile and more reliable.

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Document Scanning Services
Can you find your documents when you need them? - Retrieve your documents immediately from your desktop or mobile device instead of searching through your paper filing system. Ask us for a quick personal 5 minute demo at your convenience either in your office or on-line.  You will be glad you did!

You may use your own personal DocuWare Cloud or our DocuWare REQUEST scanning services to find your documents immediately. 

Document pickup services provided throughout the State of Michigan.  We will even box your records for you.

How we can help you
Scan your documents for you and then -
you can import the searchable pdf images into your system

or access them from your personal DocuWare Cloud from anywhere on any device or computer

or access them from a usb drive or local hard drive using DocuWare Request with a search menu personalized for your needs. No software to purchase using our DocuWare Request services and no on going costs.

How we have helped others
Huron, Sanilac and Tuscola County Environmental Health Departments used our DocuWare Request Scanning Services to help them find their permits quickly from their desktop or even a laptop while out in the field.

Eliminated searching through file cabinets to answer FOIA requests and having their documents available to them when they need them.

In addition to searching on entered text criteria such as street address they can also perform full text searches over their entire collection of documents.

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Paperless Office - Start becoming more efficient today.  Our company has been paperless for many years. We use DocuWare software in our office to make life easier. New orders are easily prepared using DocuWare and DocuWare captures our QuickBooks reports fully indexed without using any paper. Ask us how we can integrate DocuWare with your current software to get your office paperless.

DocuWare software can be implemented as a Cloud, On-Premise or as a Hybrid Solution.

Watch a video - What is Document Management? How does Electronic Invoicing Work? Customer Testimonials DocuWare Roadmap to Success Leading ECM Technology
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