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Document Scanning Services
Make better use of your file storage area. -  

Stover Imaging scans your back log of documents and ongoing documents for day forward projects. Whether you have a few boxes or hundreds of boxes of documents we will scan/index them as searchable pdf images for you.

Stover Imaging will help guide you through the process of changing from a manual paper based system to a digital search and retrieval system. No paper cuts or time wasted searching or re-filing paper documents.

Add these searchable pdf images to your current system or use our DocuWare Request Scanning Services Tool for Projects and retrieve your documents in a few simple steps. Use the following link to see the steps.

No more paper cuts, filing or re-filing paper documents using this tool
You may also search over your complete collection of documents using a full text search.

DocuWare Request Scanning Projects are self contained menu driven systems for quick document retrieval. Your search menu can be designed for your specific application and you may also have full text searches over your entire electronic file cabinet of documents. Find your documents quickly without searching through file directories. Your scanning project can also be added to at any time and there is no software to purchase.

Your DocuWare Request Scanning Project also provides a valuable back up of your documents. When your network is down or power is out you can still search and retrieve your documents from a DocuWare Request Project. All you need is a laptop with a usb port to run the DocuWare Request program. All your documents and indexes can be on a usb drive. The DocuWare Request program also resides on the usb drive. Take your files with you.

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Document Management Solutions 
Work with digital documents instead of paper - 

Stover Imaging will show you how to make the switch to digital processes , quickly and easily. The quicker you start, the quicker you will win back time , money and information. Solutions are powered by DocuWare software. You can have a Cloud based solution, On-Premise or a combination of both (Hybrid). You can organize your work using digital documents much the same way you did before with paper documents. Now you will be able to use Worflow, Forms, Email Archiving and much more to make your job easier and you more productive.

Business process automation using DocuWare software and our guidance will help you move to being Digital Progressive and then to an Agile Leader. Imagine peak staff productivity, savings to re-invest in top-line growth and focus on innovation.

Improve processes with mobility across smart phones & lap tops, email archiving, workflow, document storage/retrieval, web forms, accounting processes, HR processes including employee onboarding and more.

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